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The true spirit of entrepreneurship

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

The true spirit of entrepreneurship


I was sharing some days ago about how to create a nice picture quote without so much graphics skill. At first, I was really wondering why I was posting it and who needed it, but on a second thought, I remembered vividly that quite a number of people have issues on that, especially a few close friends of mine. So I decided to post it to help those few persons I know about. Now, the interesting part is that a good number of individuals found my post useful and I had far more awesome feedbacks than I was expecting initially. As a matter of fact, I got an immediate appointment from that post.

What lesson did that teach me?

Entrepreneurship is a response to a need, a problem and an issue around (outside of) you. It may be just for a few persons that you’re seeing around. Leadership is not in any way different also. It always begins with locating an issue without. That’s where the true inspiration & motivation for leadership or entrepreneurship come from. However, we’ve got those people who got their push from a lapses (crisis) within which is very wrong.

Entrepreneurship/Leadership is not a response to an internal lapses or crisis. If you’ve got that, being an entrepreneur is not the first thing; seeking help is the first thing. You need to be able to get it together within yourself, before you can claim to help others around get theirs together.

Another lesson I learnt is that no matter how small a need is, if you can meet it successfully in a pilot scale, you can always scale it up to meet several others. You might have seen the need only in your street or with a few friends, but if you can meet theirs, there are other thousands of people outside your shores with the same problem. All you need to do is to repackage your process and scale it up to meet up bigger demands. David had never met the type of Goliath before, but he had met other similar challenges (the lion & the bear) in his small area where he was tending sheep. All he just needed to do was to scale up his strategy.

Scaling up as an entrepreneurship

Finally, growth in entrepreneurship is just like mathematics. If you can succeed with one person, you can scale up your process to succeed with ten. If you get a hearty “THANK YOU” from just one client, you can always look into the process and rescale it in order to get a bigger “THANK YOU” from a larger number of clients. If you’re interested in growth, always think in the line of scaling up.

Always think on those little high moments and how you can turn what you did and how you did it into a habit. There is a very huge potential in small numbers because as a scientist, one principle I’ve learnt is that the smaller the size, the greater the potential for growth. However, it’s just a potential anyway. You’ve got to make it happen. So, what were those moments you really did so well? How did you come about that? What were the things you did? How can you make it happen again and again in a larger scale? That’s the spirit of leadership/entrepreneurship.

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