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How to grow from talented to relevant

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

How to grow from talented to relevant


Being talented is never a Jack in the pot. It’s no jackpot. Without clarity, it can go down the drain and leave the owner confused and frustrated without any iota of relevance coming from it. This is why I need to teach you how to grow from talented to relevant. While I was growing up, I was full of potentials and a good number of talents showed up in me.

I won’t be exaggerating to say I am very artistic, musically inclined with two musical instruments in my portfolio, having great communicative, analytical and imaginative acumen, etc. While it may look like I had a beautiful experience growing up with so many talents, I was frustrated and without any hope of being relevant at all. So, how did I manage to gain clarity to navigate through that stage to the level I am now where I now help others to gain clarity in their lives?

I took a glimpse into the future.

I began to ask myself questions about my future, the kind of person I really want to become, how I really want to been seen in the world, what I want to be known for and what I want my name to represent. You see, this is not about your talent, but about the impact you see yourself making in the world.

Thousands of people don’t know that Myles Munroe was great on the keyboard and even a power vocalist. What people know him for is that he was a great man of God. No matter how many branches a tree has, it can only stand on one trunk. No matter how many talents you’ve got, you can only build real reputation and authority on one.

So, I began to ask myself, which of these plenty things do I really see myself still doing in 30 to 50 years from now? That question alone gave me so much clarity about who I am. It helped me to separate between who I really am (or desire to be) from what I do.

I started to think in terms of problem solving.

I began to ask myself, ‘how can I use my talents to really solve a problem that my heart yearns for, in the society?’ My heart didn’t yearn for any problem in music, science or art. My heart yearns so much for problems in youth development, academics and branding. I looked at all my talents and I began to see where the lines join. Today, I still make great use of all of those skills. However, everything is now based on priority. Why? The problem I love to solve determines which skill I use at what time and how frequently.

What exactly is the world looking for?

The world is not looking for more talents. The world is looking for more problem solvers. And when each of us was created, all that God gave us were talents. However, He gave us those talents for a reason – to solve problems. That is the purpose. Talent is God’s gift in you. Your purpose is the meaningful use of that talent. The real deal is not about being too good at something. It’s about being too useful and needed for that thing.

So, you claim you’re too good with writing? Why should I care? What problem can you solve with it? That’s the real deal.

I subjected myself to life-long learning

I used to think being talented makes me the real deal until I decided to expose myself to the world thinking everyone would be all over me. My results really testified to my faulty notion. I was so crude and no one even paid attention to me. It was then I realized that despite how talented I thought I was, there were industry standards to solving the problems I craved to solve with those my talents and until I begin to learn and apply them, I ain’t getting no headway.

So you need to drop the feeling of being talented and start learning how professionals in your area of talent address those issues and learn the industry standards. That’s how to convert your talent into skill. People only value skills, not a crude talent. What talent does is that it gives you an added advantage in your learning journey.

In Conclusion…

I hope this will help you a long way in seeing your talents in a new light. It’s beyond being just talented. You need to add clarity to it. However, you may not get it all in a single post. This is why you need to have this book. It contains all I have to share about this subject matter and even much more. To get a copy of it, click here.

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