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Difference between talent and expertise

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Difference between talent and expertise


Talent is the natural inclination one has towards a particular endeavour, discipline or vocation. It is the tendency to be extra-ordinarily good at something and the uneven advantage one has in the learning process of that thing. When you’re talented in something, there is this passion you will notice for that thing and some kind of heightened understanding or insight into that thing. Talent is that thing that amplifies your learning effort and speeds up your journey into expertise in any area.

While talent is becoming a cliche this days, it still plays a huge role in the development process of every human being. Knowing what you’re talented in is a great way to speed up your journey into success in life; however, talent alone is never enough for that journey. And in the world, people celebrate expertise, not necessarily talent. So, just having a talent in something is never enough. You also need to build expertise in that thing.

Expertise over talent

An expert is someone who has developed a skill over a period of time through learning, practice and gaining of experience. This is one thing that beats talent anywhere. When time is spent on something and expertise is built through learning and practice, talent will find it difficult to compete. It has been said, “If talent does not work hard, hard work will beat talent.” While talent is great and exciting to have, its place is just in helping you grow faster and learn faster. Talent does not make anyone an expert just like that.

The world’s response to talent

When we’re talking about expertise, factors to be considered include industry standards and problem solving. The world only appreciates people who are capable to solve problems, using industry standards or at least, some level of skillfulness and dignity. If you desire to showcase your talent, you need to understand that for people to show any kind of profitable appreciation, that talent must solve a problem for them. No one cares about your talent if it doesn’t meet any need in their life. And while you’re trying to solve a problem with that talent, you need to recognize that people may have been solving such problems before you came on board. So, you need to find out what acceptable standards are there for solving those problems.

On the scale of importance…

On the scale of importance, expertise weighs higher than talent. Talent is raw and unrefined. In its natural state, there is really nothing really impressive about gold. What makes it precious to the sight is a series of refining process. It’s just the same thing with talent. No matter your area of talent, there are books to read, stuff to learn, industry standards to understand and adopt and problems to solve in a professional way before you can earn some level of appreciation. This is what it means to build expertise.

Have you developed a talent in yourself and you would love to grow such talent into something big? One thing you need is a coach. And this is why I am here for you. I can help you grow from brilliant to relevant and turn your talent into a formidable platform. Get my contact via this website and reach me.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.

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