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Business Clarity for Startups

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Business Clarity for Startups


If you just want to rush into your business and start marketing to people here and there, this post may not be for you, but if you really want to save time, money and energy, you need to read this post and digest it even before coming up with a logo, business card or letterhead. A lot of startups fail woefully because of this thing I’m about to share with you. Can I tell you the truth? I also failed woefully until I began to take this topic, Brand Clarity for Startups, seriously.

Factors for graining Clarity as a Startup


The meaning of life is found backwards, but life is to be lived forward. Until we find meaning from the past, we can’t find essence in the future. Why is this important for a business? You need to know what exactly is pushing you. It’s important you have a story to tell that inspires people to want to buy from you. What is your driving force into that business? Why is it really important to you?


He who has no inner life will remain a slave of his surroundings. You need to look inward. What are those things you’re wired with that makes you feel you’re the best fit for that kind of business? What skills, abilities and personality traits have you got that makes you think you’re born for that business?

Another vital aspect of introspection is knowing your core ideologies and envisioned future. Here are some questions to help you here:

  • What ideals do you value and respect the most and that represent you as a person?
  • What is your life mission?
  • Whenever your name is being mentioned, what one or two things can people remember you for?
  • What future do you long to create or see happen in the world?

Problem/Value analysis

You need to understand that people have real problems and if you must make any success, you must come with real solutions. Also, you need to understand that coming up with a solution for problem that others have already provided solution to, will only make you an alternative. If you must be a big deal, you need to be novel!

Being novel is not necessarily that you’re doing something that no one has done before. It simply means you have looked at the questions people are asking and problems people are having despite the many products and services around and you’ve been able to come up with a package that handles one or more of those questions/problems. For instance, yours could be your packaging, price margin, a particular unique customer experience or something that just makes you stand out from what people have known before.

Target Market

You need to know your market – who you sell to, what informs or influences their buying decision, what alternatives are available in the market, the big players already in the market, how competitive the market is, what performance gaps are there in the market. You need to know all of these. It will help in saving you a lot of stress, money and time.

Team structure

No business runs with just one person as the all-in-all. The major secret of growth is diversity. As a person who wants to start a business of some sort, you most definitely always have to start out alone, but you can’t continue alone. You need to first of all go back to the answers you got via introspection and begin to look out for those who can fit into that frame. You need to also begin to look at the various aspect of your vision and spot out your areas of weakness in achieving that vision. This will help you to know the kind of skills/talents you need to add to yourself if your vision must come to life.


I have written a book that addresses most of these things I mentioned in here. It’s a book I dedicated to startups who know nothing about branding themselves for sustainability and growth. There is so much I can share here, but this book will explain everything you need to know. To get it, CLICK HERE.

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