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Why people will buy from you

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Why people will buy from you


People don’t buy because you have something to sell. There is a reason why people will buy from you other than that. People buy because you have a solution to a problem that want to get rid of, really quick. People buy because they trust you enough to have what it takes to solve that problem and you are deeply concerned about solving that problem. When I was starting up in business, I wanted to just have people pay me for what I do. I was just busy looking for how to make money and what to do to pay bills. What I thought was, as soon as I have products and services running, people will buy.

I was wrong.

All I got was crumbs. But when I began to understand how business runs and the right structures to put in place to ensure growth and sustainability, my game changed drastically. So, what are these structures?

Customer-centric mindset

There is this temptation to always get nervous when the money is not flooding in and you’re looking for clients to pay you huge money. However, you’re not in business for yourself, but for the customers/clients. Any attitude that makes the customers feel you’re just after their money and lack any genuine concern for them, they will react promptly and you’ll live to regret that. On the other hand, when customers feel cared for, caressed and pampered, they remain indebted and loyal to your brand.

Having a customer-centric mindset means taking them as your priority and making your business processes, conversations and transactions about them. Let them feel they always win the deal each time they do business with you. Let them feel they have been really favoured and they will always appreciate you with their money and their referrals.

Let the customers teach you how to serve them

As a matter of fact, listening to clients’ complaints and feedbacks is very powerful. It helps your backdoor to stay closed and to serve your clients better each day. The interesting part of it is that for every improvement you make on your business in response to your clients’ taste and evolving needs, they will always reward you for it, happily. If you’re not attentive to the complaints of your clients, their feedbacks and reviews, you’re at the verge of losing out, big time.

Invest in your brand identity

This is beyond having a logo. It’s about monitoring and regularly controlling your impressions in the market place. It’s about staying true to your promises and consistent with your expressions everywhere. This is a powerful system to put in place for your business and the investment is always worth it. To know how to go about this, click here.

I want you to understand that people always buy based on how they feel about your business. When there is a need for what you do, and in the midst of several options in the market, how they feel about you is what determines whether their choice will be to your favour or not. Having them at heart and making them feel like the king is very vital. Involving them in your business and making them know that their opinions count is equally important. Influencing them to fall in love with your brand and appealing to their emotions can be greatly rewarding.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.

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