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The Power of Storytelling in Brand Building

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

The Power of Storytelling in Brand Building


I have been a successful campaigner and movement leader for some years now and I have seen The Power of Storytelling in Brand Building. Being the founder of Clarylife Global and starting out with 3 powerful and successful campaigns in the year 2016 on social media which built me so much reputation and helped me to get to the heart of a vast number of delighted audience, I can’t emphasize less that storytelling is a powerful tool when you want to build a brand.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Let me put it to you this way, “when we tell stories in line with our brand and what makes it important to our target audience, we’re simply showing them a picture of what they aspire, what they fear, what they love and all of that. Stories are powerful because they serve as mirrors, showing us images of our hopes, dreams, fears (as the case may be), and aspirations in life. One powerful quote in branding says, “if you want it to stick, show them, don’t tell them.” How better can a brand make itself stick in the heart of its target audience than showing them via stories?

What are the effects of stories with respect to a brand?

Tribe building.

Nothing is as effective in building a tribe of followers than using stories. Have you ever wondered why our Lord Jesus Christ adopted the use of stories more than any other thing in driving home His point anytime He wanted to share certain values and ideals of the Kingdom of God? It’s very simple! Stories are the most powerful tools to break into the hearts of men. They help us to propagate what we stand for, why we’re standing and what is our driving force. And most importantly, stories attract the right people who are meant for us to us.

Reputation and integrity.

People believe us more because of our stories than they will when all we have are facts. Stories go straight to the feelings, the emotions and guts of men, triggering them into making decisions that facts alone may not compel them to make. They help you to influence the perception of people in drastic ways.

How can you tune in your brand story into your business?

Find your ‘why’

The question is, what was that thing that propelled you into the business you’re doing? What event or circumstance triggered or inspired your decision into starting that enterprise or platform? Do you have a major turning point in your life that’s responsible for that? Alibaba has his own. Fela Durotoye has his. Strive Masiyiwa has his own. Mark Zuckerberg has his own. Dangote has a story behind theirs. Peak Milk does. What is yours?

Know your audience

Get to know your audience very well. What challenges are they facing? How are they living life? Are their issues that are peculiar to your target audience? What is happening in town that’s affecting them? Have schools resumed and your target audience are possibly working-class mothers who are trying to foot bills and meet up with pressing financial demands? Get to know your audience really well.

You wanna know why this is important? It’s simple. Knowing all of these helps you to create stories that easy resonate with their current scenarios and open them up to make decisions in favour of any of your Call to Actions.

Check out the successful brands we have around. Look at their adverts on TV, Newspapers, Social media, etc., and you’ll find out that they are always telling a story or using a story to drive the actions and ensure the continued loyalty of their fans. This is a vital key and you should learn how to leverage on it. Wanna know more? This is something I can help you with, personally. Simply click here.

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