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How to tell resonating brand stories for your business

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

How to tell resonating brand stories for your business


How to tell brand stories that resonate with your target audience

In a previous post, I shared about the power of stories in building a powerful brand and while I couldn’t exhaust all I had to say in that post, I have decided to proceed on it today by sharing with you on how to tell resonating brand stories for your business. It is important to note that for every category of persons you are trying to reach out to, there are situations they are currently going through and recent life events that are peculiar to them. These two factors are vital in helping you come up with resonating stories to sell your brand.

First of all, how do you use stories in business? It’s simple! We all use stories to gain maximum attention, drive home powerful points into the ears of our listeners, stir up the hearts of people towards a particular cause or ideal, and ultimately, to propagate our convictions and values. In several cultures of the world, stories are powerful tools in transferring cultural values and ideals down to future generations. Stories in the bible have helped us to build so much faith conviction in God and imbibe His Kingdom values. This is to tell you how powerful stories can be.

Things to consider when crafting a brand story

When creating a brand story either for you content marketing or sales copy, you need to first of all ask the question of, “who do I want to reach directly with this story?” The reason is, with respect to your business value proposition, each categories of your target audience will be interested in your product/service for different reasons. The reason a footballer or an athlete would need glucose is not the same reason someone who has been hospitalized would need the same thing. The same honey that can serve as a sweetener for some homes may be for just medicinal purposes in another.

Look at the new Airtel advert featuring a working-class woman and her mother in-law. That was a powerful story. The main audience of that advert are working-class women (wives and mothers) while the main bottom-line is that their data can help you keep a peaceful and happy family.

Plots and scenarios in storytelling

Still on the paragraph above, considering the plot of their story, it was obvious that there was a problem at hand and due to a well-painted lifestyle of the busy working-class wife who was unable to take stock of her kitchen stuff and how availability of data helped her mother in-law to stand in the gap for her by being her eye in the kitchen. Main point is, the family can run fine even with busy members provided Airtel data is available and there is someone savvy enough to remotely make use of it.

The interesting thing is, at another time, Airtel may decide to target the scenario or lifestyle of a busy bachelor who needs to get food after a long working day. It will be a different story altogether and the bottom line may now be, Airtel data can save your life and some extra stress of the day.

This is how stories are used to target different audiences based on their reasons for needing your product/services. I hope this helps you to have a clearer look at your marketing strategy and see how you can hone your storytelling ability for better results. It won’t be a complete value, however, if I don’t share with you the new book I just published about brand building. If you’re new in this area, you really need it. Click here to get yours.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.

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