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Buyers’ Psychology in Business

Buyers’ Psychology in Business

Buyers’ Psychology in Business - You need to understand that selling is not luck. Ability to sell is the greatest skill you'll ever need in your business.

While I was growing up, one of the things I feared most was selling. As a teenager, I always wondered how someone would survive selling anything. I thought it was just luck to get a buyer. I would always ask myself, “what if no one comes to buy, will I go hungry?” It’s been many years now and I’m currently an entrepreneur. Now, I sell and people buy. As a matter of fact, I’ve come to understand that selling is a skill and not a product of luck. And from my few years of experience in business, I’ve come to understand certain buyer’s psychology in business that one can leverage on.

What are they?

People seldom see the need to buy what you sell, but you can create that need.

Two people want to sell Ankara wears. The first one met a woman and like a lot of us would do, she dropped her bag and began to show the woman her stock one after the other, telling her they are nice, durable and bla bla bla…

The second person simply walked close to the woman, observed her skirt and threw some nice compliments, “Oh I love your skirt. The tailor did a great job. And it really fits your shape.” After getting the woman’s heart and attention, she went further, “but on a second look, I think if you have an Ankara top on this skirt, it will just be too sweet on you. Guess what? I have got some nice stuff here with me. Would you mind checking them out?”

Let us be sincere, if you are the woman about to be sold to, which of the two sellers will capture you the most? That’s it! Your guess is as good as mine. Let’s move on.

No one wants to be sold to.

You need to understand that nobody loves pathing with his/her money except it is really inevitable. That is why you must learn how to market without trying to sell. It’s about educating your clients, caring about their situations, being burdened about their challenges and by that, you get to their hearts.

That person I used as an example above didn’t come out that day with any need to buy Ankara wears, but by the time the second person finished with her tactics, I’m very sure she already made her to start considering having one. You need to learn how to create a need before trying to fill that need. No one can penetrate where there is no hole. Create a hole first, then penetrate.

A lot of times, people can be very sluggish to decide on buying what they need.

It is therefore the job of the seller to keep pressing it on them until they make that purchase. Do you know how many times MTN will beg you to renew your subscription before you decide to do it? Can you count how many times you passed the person selling battery in your street, whereas your clock has stopped working for quite a long time?

You see, it is human to procrastinate and the job of the seller to always ‘harass’ (or let me use the word, ‘pester’) people until they decide to buy. Are you that persistent enough in your business? Do you think you will always seal a deal at the first attempt? Not at all! There are clients who will need lots of explanations and persuasion before they make that hard decision, but it’s your job to get them to that point.

I will stop here for today, but these are things you need to master. I’ve learnt these three and they have helped me a great deal in my business. I am sure you’ll find them useful. I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.


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