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Your Winning Brand Communication Strategy

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Your Winning Brand Communication Strategy


In life, no mission can be accomplished or vision actualized without effective communication. Communication remains at the heart of every successful brand. One interesting thing however, is that you don’t have to say a word before you communicate. Whether you’re saying something or not, you’re communicating. This means that as a brand or someone trying to build a brand, there is never a period of silence. Every moment is saying something about you and that is what people pick and respond to. This is why if you must win in your industry, you must have Your Winning Brand Communication Strategy.

In this period of social media and digital marketing, we can never really scratch the surface of brand communication without emphasizing seriously on social media presence, content marketing, thought leadership, value proposition, vision and mission statement, client avatar, sales copy, website, SEO, etc. All of these terms are vital and inevitable for every brand that strongly desires to win in any industry. While strategy is not necessarily about tools and activities, but about unique positioning, I will do well to help you understand these above-mentioned terms in order to give you a well-laid foundation.

Social Media Presence

These are the days when almost everyone lives on social media. In fact, more than you can find anyone at a physical location, where you can easily find a huge number of your loved ones, customers/clients, fans, etc., is on social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc. People are always here, looking for something to laugh about, latest ‘gists,’ trends in town, and all sorts of information. Being able to position yourself for maximum influence on these platforms is a great investment and also means, having a huge market share in your industry.

Content Marketing

Content marketing seems to be the only language people understand on social media. It is the art of marketing to people without necessarily telling them to buy something from you. Content marketing helps you to reach out to people, win their hearts, command their loyalty, earn their trust and at the end of the funnel, they are ready to empty their pockets into your account for the value you offer. How does this happen? It’s simply by educating and entertaining them using your platform. People come online to get informed or entertained. They want to smile, see their confusions being dealt with and their questions being answered. Have you got a field of endeavour you’re so grounded in? Employ content marketing and you’ll soon become a god in that niche.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is the art of using your platform to share your experience, knowledge and ideas in a particular field of endeavour in order to position yourself as a Go-To expert in the minds of your audience whenever such a matter is being addressed. Thought leadership helps you to build so much influence and reputation in the society. With social platforms, you can brand yourself and turn your timelines to a well of rich information for people to feed on. Doing this consistently, you begin to gain attention of people and automatically, you get registered for what you do in the heart of your audience.

Value Proposition, Mission & Vision Statements

These are some of the internal parts of a brand that make the brand what it is. Value proposition is the promise of value a brand makes to its audience in every of its communication. The mission statement represents what the brand is known for, in terms what they do consistently and measure as their metrics, the measurable impact of the brand on its environment or unit audience. The vision statement represents where the brand is seeking to reach in future terms. The vision inspires while the mission challenges. The vision is a promise while the mission is a commitment. The vision is what you see while the mission is what you do.

Client Avatar

Your client avatar is that figure you have painted out of who your ideal client is, what problem they are facing, where they are living, their income level, the questions they are asking, their age bracket, what influences their buying decision, etc. When you have this figure well painted in your mind and written down somewhere, it helps you to narrow down your marketing and target them directly without fail.

Sales Copy

This is a marketing message sent to your audience in order to persuade them to buy something. A sales copy does not have to be pushy. It only needs to simple, concise, timely and targeted. A good sales copy always takes advantage of current happenings or stories that resonate well with a set of audience. It always seeks to bait its recipient using the problem they are currently going through or the solution they are seriously yearning to have.

Website & SEO

More than at any other previous time, these days, having a website is becoming inevitable in building a formidable brand on the digital space. Having a website of your own can be as cheap as N25000 ($27.43). With a website, you can automate a lot of things that will run on their own with little or no further input. Having a website strengthens and amplifies your marketing efforts. SEO on the other hand means, Search Engine Optimization. With SEO skills, you can take your website to another level of relevance by appearing on Google search engine for the things you do and solutions you offer.

The real strategy

Of all the things I have tried to explain so far, what makes you win still remains in your uniqueness. Without uniqueness, there is no strategy. As a matter of fact, thousands of others in your industry know a lot of these things and have access to a lot of tools and methods, so if these are the only things you put your hope on, you’re just joking. You must be able to come out of the crowd. You must be able to apply the tools in a different way and reach out differently to your market. In your style of doing things, manner of communication, tone of message, etc., you must hone your difference.

I have always said, “No one buys anything from you. All they buy is your intriguing uniqueness in meeting their pressing needs.” Getting to find out what this intriguing uniqueness is and communicating so audaciously is Your Winning Brand Communication Strategy.

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