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Your Tools of Influence As a Personal Brand

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Your Tools of Influence As a Personal Brand


Everyone wants to be relevant and have some influence. I know you do. No one wants to be a nonentity in this life. In fact, I might be right to say that the fear of being a nobody is one of the greatest fears in this world. In all of our relationships and networks, struggles and competitions, one thing we’re always cunningly after is that people can value us and give us some form of respect. That’s valid and very natural to humans, but the truth is until we locate what’s that object of relevance in us, and utilize it well, we’ll continue to wallow in irrelevance and mediocrity.

It’s not just enough to desire to be relevant in life. If wishes were horses, everyone would ride. Being relevant in life simply means, having a formidable brand that speaks for itself and there are things to do and ways to go about it. You must have Your Tools of Influence As a Personal Brand. So quickly, what are those tools for relevance?

Your Experience

Your experience in life can be a very useful tool. What you’ve been through in life, issues you’ve been able to overcome, a habit you’ve been able to deal with, a way of life you’ve been able to outgrow, etc. All of these, if packaged as a means to help those who are suffering (or will suffer) the same fate, are powerful tools for relevance in life. What is that victory you can remember? Your story on it and the process of getting through it are things you can leverage on to build relevance in life.

Your Skill

I carefully did not use the word, “talent” here. Why? Talent is cheap; everyone has one. But one thing is not cheap and that is the development. It is a talent you develop that becomes a skill. No talent is useful until you’re skillful at it. Talent only gives you an edge to learn faster; it doesn’t make you a professional. Talent means that you’ve got some natural flavor when it comes to doing something. You’ve got to learn the rudiments first before you can start to showcase the flavor. So, what is that skill you’ve gotten? What is that talent you have developed? Locating a hungry market for these things and marketing yourself to them is very key to building relevance.

Your Knowledge

These days, the whole world is looking for “How to Do/Get/Make/Stop/Start Something.” What knowledge have you got? The “HOW” you know is a tool for building relevance. In this information and perception-driven age, just give an impression that you’re good at something or you’ve got a good grasp over something and you’ll see those who really need it trooping after you. If you can create the impression/awareness and prove it to be true, that’s all you need to build relevance.

Your heart

It is not good enough to have the experience, skill and or knowledge. What really makes a man relevant in life is his readiness to be a blessing with whatever little thing he has. Relevance is borne out of service and a readiness to always be of value. Some persons may not even have the skills, experience or knowledge. All they may have is the heart to help and the best they can do is to connect people with those who can really help them. That is relevance. Are you the type who is always looking for what to get, collect or receive? That attitude is far from relevance as heaven is far from the earth. Do you make friends or build relationships simply because of what you can gain? If that continues, you can’t be relevant.

Do you have all these four things I highlighted, but still don’t know how to grow your influence and relevance with them? I CAN HELP YOU! All you need is, reach out to me personally via Whatsapp with this link.

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