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Schooling or Talent

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Schooling or Talent


Yes! These are the days when we can count a lot of people in our society who never graduated from school, but are making serious waves around us. Teachers in our schools keep saying, ‘read your book in order to pass your exams and become successful,’ but we can count thousands of successful people who never passed school exams and a thousand others who we know to have read so hard, graduated with beautiful grades, but only came out of school to become endless job seekers, moving from pillar to post.

I hope I haven’t ended up making hate schooling. Just wait a bit!

I also went to school and I can tell you that currently, I am not working with what I studied for good four years and got a good certificate for. As a matter of fact, I’m currently working with the talents I built into relevant skills while I was in the school. So, you tell me, did I waste my years in school? Not at all! I did something with my life as a student. I learnt to balance my academics and at the same time, give time to my talents.

School taught me the art of learning. In the ambience of schooling, I learnt self-leadership, self-motivation, ability to work under pressure, multitasking and many other soft skills I wasn’t given certificate for. Of course, I studied about the rats, lizards, equations, theories and many other scientific jargons and I must tell you that they were really inspiring and interesting. However, the values and discipline inculcated into me while in school have made me better than those theories could have done.

I must tell you, I enjoyed schooling. I enjoyed it because it made me understand how to learn whatever I really want to learn. Being in school exposed me to what learning and growth entail. Mind you, by schooling, I am not just talking about classroom experience. Schooling, in the real sense of it, is far beyond just classroom experience. This was the thing that helped people like Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and many other CEOs we see today to make the best out of school. These were people who started piloting their dreams while in their school dormitory, even before quitting to launch it fully.

As a matter of fact, schooling alone without discovering and finding expression for your talent will not make you a success. Just imagine graduating with some cool CGPA and entering into the corporate world with thousands of other graduates who got similar or even better grades. What exactly do you think will make you succeed in the midst of that kind of that kind of hot competition if you don’t have an element of your uniqueness to speak for you which obviously, can only come from your talent?

In life, you need schooling and talent. You need to be schooled, but in line with your talent. Of course, this wasn’t the case of some of us. We got to find out talents and passion in us that were in contrast to what we were studying in college. Whichever way, if you have the opportunity to study a course in line with your talent, don’t fail to cease it. And if on the other hand, you have found a talent or passion that is out of what you’re studying, appreciate it and just learn how to keep a balance.

In conclusion, whatever it is you’re talented in, there are books to read and stuff to learn. Truth is, talent alone does not make you relevant. What makes you relevant is your skill-set. Schooling helps you to adopt a habit of learning and helps you to be a life-long learner. If you can’t add learning to your talent and grow your talent into a skill, it will only end up frustrating you. This is why you can’t choose one out of the two. Schooling and talents must go in line. Brilliant and Talented Summit was established to help students balance academic workload with talent development.

At Claryife Global here, our mission is to ensure that as young people, you gain clarity of your talents and potential, then you take daily steps in fulfilling your ministry and establishing your business more.

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