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Productivity Secrets For Students

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Productivity Secrets For Students


As a student, I know you have a lot of things to handle. You’ve got pressing academic workload, important relationships in your life, responsibilities in the family, etc. Perhaps, you’re also an executive in one association, church fellowship or something and then, you are always caught in the web of having so much to do, but eventually failing in many areas. I’ve been there and I want to share with you some of the things that helped me as a student. These Productivity Secrets For Students helped me to maximize my time in balancing a lot of areas.

While I was a student, I had a good number of engagements: I was a leader in church, I held Sunday School, I published weekly bulletins, I played the keyboard most times which means I had to be in rehearsals, I was an executive in my departmental association, I was an upcoming graphic designer and was seriously working on the talent, I was already building Clarylife Global as a brand and that meant a lot of work and staying on social media to build my digital presence.

These were most of things I had to deal with as a student. Of course, I was one of the best students in my department and I ran a tutorial where I taught Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics. And then, I have loads of books to read, practicals, assignments and all of that. These things I want to share with you are the same Productivity Secrets For Students that helped me to survive and still graduate with a good 2nd Class Upper Division.

What are these productivity secrets?

Choose your association wisely: 

You can never be more productive than your closest association. They are most probably the people you spend most of your time with and therefore, they determine what those times are used for. These are the same people who determine whether you will stay motivated and inspired to be productive or not.

Always have your learning goals:

In order words, always have your “to-know” list. As a term or semester is starting, always list out those things you must have learnt and understood before exams begin to approach. If possible, paste them on your wall so that you can see them everyday (morning and night). This helps you to keep track of your progress academically in the midst of other activities. It keeps you on your toes.

Keep and nurture an active study group:

Let this be a routine for you. It’s very important. An active study group of students who are bent on doing well academically is very essential for any serious student. Even when you want to get weak, they will be there to spur you on. Also, it’s inevitable that times will come when you’ll have challenges with some tough courses. At times like this, someone in the group can be a rescue. As a matter of fact, it is healthy that once in every two days (at least), you make time out to meet and discuss previous classes/lectures.

Study even when without a book:

Yes! You got that right! You don’t need to have a book with you before you can study. In fact, the most essential part of studying is when the book is not open before you. This is the moment of thinking, rationalization and appropriation. It’s the moment when you can mentally revise what you’ve read previously and internalize the ones you can still remember while you take note of areas you have missed so that you can review them again. The most interesting thing is, this can happen while you’re in a taxi, while walking down the street, while on your way to church in the evening or while sitting down quietly over a bottle of drink in the cafeteria. All these are periods when you can engage your mind productively over things you have learned during the day (notes you’ve read or lectures you’ve attended).

Create time for your talent & self discovery:

You see, classroom engagement and academic prowess is not all that make a successful student. You need to understand that if after learning everything about rats and lizards, theories and equations, histories and events, you now fail to learn yourself, your schooling is a waste. What makes you a productive student is that outside life in the classroom, you are doing something worthwhile in the society and that starts from campus. Learning is only complete when passion is found and self is discovered. So, participation in noble competitions, school fellowships, non-academic student organizations, school unions, etc., is very important. These are the areas where you will build a lot of soft skills needed in life such as leadership, communication, team work, time and people management, entrepreneurship, etc.

Maximize your reading times:

When reading, don’t just be interested in how many pages you have covered or how many hours you have spent. Quit trying to impress yourself with all of that. No one cares. What we care about are the results they are yielding in your life and grades. And results don’t yield to activities, but to strategies.

When you finish with a page of a book, before moving to the next, close the book and try to revise that page. Try to think back and write out what you still remember. It will amaze you that it won’t be everything you perfectly understood or retained. By the time you have realized this, go back to that page again and review it. This is how to read effectively. It’s never about how long but about how well. Even if it is 15 minutes of reading time and it’s just 2 things you can understand really well, it’s better than 3 hours of reading, still with little results. Just imagine the ratio!

Learn to make good use of fun moments:

In your hanging around with friends and catching fun together, bring in topics that were discussed in class. Share together, review together and grow together. You can always make learning more fun. It is not until you spend the whole time talking about irrelevant social media trends, girlfriends and boyfriends, etc., and wasting your life away. You can turn the atmosphere of fun to the atmosphere of learning and mutual growth.


Productivity Secrets For Students

These are some of the many things that helped me as a student and I call them The Productivity Secrets For Students. Understanding and making use of them will go a long way in making you balanced and optimal in your academic endeavours and social life as a student. And to crown it all, I have put all of these and many more in a book for you. The title is Secrets of Optimum Learners. This book is a compendium of thought patterns and strategies that help a student to overcome any kind of academic challenge and become a high flyer. Guess what? It’s just ridiculously cheap and you can’t afford not to have an e-copy it for yourself. To do that, simply CLICK HERE.

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