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Personal Branding Tips for College Graduates

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Personal Branding Tips for College Graduates


Having been to college to study a course is never the height of fulfilment in life. As a matter of fact, if not approached with the right mindset and the understanding of the society we’re in today, it could be the beginning of misery. When I see some undergraduates and ask them what their career is, they simply mention the course they’re studying. Although that sounds quite rational, but that has been the source of frustration for several graduates. You see, college degree is not necessarily your career. Nobody ever said what you studied in school must be your direction all through your life. You are the one to determine what you desire to spend your life on, based on what you can envision or see in your future. This is why you need these Personal Branding Tips for College Graduates

Does this mean if you have studied something in school and have come out to discover something else you want to build your life on as a career, you are wasting the years spent in school? Not at all! School was not meant to give your life direction. School was only meant to help you build capacity and learn the art of learning so that you can grow in whatever direction you find relevant to you later on. But wait a minute! Have you found so much passion in what you’re studying? Very good for you! You’ve only got an easier journey.

Why is personal branding tips for college graduates so important? It’s important because as a graduate who is assumed to have one or two things to offer as value to his/her society, until you’re able to communicate that value you have to offer in a very professional and convincing manner, no one will trust you or place a demand on your expertise. In simple words, no one will be ready to employ you as an asset to any organization. So, what are these tips you need to understand and employ in order to attract those people (individuals & corporate bodies) who are in dire need for the value you claim to have?

Have a well-defined value.

Until you’re able to define your value in a way people will understand and appreciate, no one will place any relevance on you. First of all, what is value? Value is not what you studied, but the problem you can solve for an individual or corporate body. As an engineer, doctor, lawyer, business administrator or whatever you call yourself, what problem can you solve for an organization? Do you even know the current challenges your dream establishments are facing? If you don’t know, how would you know if you are really equipped to solve them?

Nobody employs you because of your certificate, really. They only employ you because there is a perception that you understand the problems they are facing and that you have got what it takes to bring some solutions to the table.

Network with your value

Now that you have defined the value you’ve got to offer, the next thing is to ceaselessly network with people. Don’t just sit down somewhere or behind the computer, throwing CV’s and cover letters over the internet. Real connection and networking will launch you faster. Using your social media platforms and even offline, intentionally meet people. With your LinkedIn well set up, you can meet a lot of professionals and get connected easily with establishments that need what you offer. A lot of job vacancies don’t get publicized. Only those with real connections get to grab them even before you see a newspaper advert.

Use your timelines and profiles to showcase your experience, your skills, new certifications and training. Don’t keep them gathering dust in your file jacket. Showcase and network! If you need help with setting up your social media professionally to attract potential employers and even contract demands for your expertise, I am your brand expert.

Never use a general CV or cover letter for job seeking

This is one thing a lot of fresh graduates get wrong. They write their CV and cover letter and then, they duplicate them for several job openings. It does not work! You need to understand that there are certain key sections of a CV as well as keywords that every potential employer is expecting to see in your cover letter. CV‘s must be industry-specific as well as cover letters. You don’t design the same CV for a bottling company and an oil & gas company. The career objective, previous experience, additional strengths, & many other blocks can never be the same. Don’t ever be too lazy to review and update your CV with time and at every employment opportunity you’re trying to grab.

Do you need a career branding coach to help you build your personal career brand as an expert in your chosen field of endeavour? You can always contact me.

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