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How to avoid wasting money on logo design

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

How to avoid wasting money on logo design


As a graphic/brand designer, I have made real cash from doing logo designs onl and while that may look like an achievement, the truth is, I really have little success stories to share about my logo designs.


A lot of my clients just wasted their money by designing the logo. It obviously wasn’t what they should have done first. Of course, I got the money, but it was a waste of my creative effort, seeing that they are not really doing well after the logo design phase which should have been my main joy. This is why I have put this post together to teach you how to avoid wasting money on logo design.

Every start-up business, when it comes to branding, needs to hire two areas of expertise – brand design & brand consultancy/strategy. A brand designer is different from a brand strategist or consultant. What a brand designer does is to help you visually communicate every written structure of your brand in a way that is coherent and consistent with what you stand for. However, putting all of those structures in place lies within the jurisdiction of the strategist/consultant. Brand designing is creative while brand strategy is analytical. They are two ends of the same rope – branding. When there is no structure on ground, the creative can be as good as useless.

What are these necessary structures you must have in place?

Your value proposition

You must have figured out what exactly you’re trying to help the society with. What is the exact value you are giving us that makes you different? This is not a question of “what are you selling?” Rather, it’s a question of, “what exact problem are you solving with what you’re selling?” A lot of people don’t understand that having a value proposition is what makes you relevant. No one is interested in buying what you sell. What people are interested in buying is your uniqueness in meeting their pressing needs. It has to be unique (i.e. no one is doing what you are doing or no one is doing it exactly your style) and it has to meet a pressing need (i.e. it has to be a ‘must-to-have’ and not a ‘nice-to-have’).

Your ideal audience (customer/client)

You must have a good knowledge about the people you are really targeting with your goods and services. I am not necessarily talking about their facial colour now. I am talking about you knowing the kind of ISSUES they must be having per time, the kind of QUESTIONS they must be asking per season, the kind of PLACES they often go to in order to address their issues, their income level and what influences their buying decisions, etc. This is what will help you understand how to position yourself, craft your value proposition and marketing message in a way that will resonate fast with them and also set your pricing in a way that will fit their income level.

Your brand signature & positioning

You need to understand that thing you say or do that draws people to you the most. It’s very important. You also need to understand that aspect of your service delivery or product delivery that enchants your customers/clients the most. What is that signature experience that you give alongside your expertise or professionalism? What word comes often when customers or clients are giving you the positive feedbacks? Even if you haven’t started the business, you need to think in this direction and intentionally weave a beautiful customer experience into your business process. This is what makes you stand out and well positioned for your target audience.

How do all of these affect a logo design?

You see, any good and professional logo designer will always ask you for these things because they are the things he/she will put into consideration during the ideation process. Every professional logo should tell a story, but when there is no story on ground, it will tell the wrong one. Your logo is only as effective as the vital aspects of your business which it clearly portrays. And truth be told, having a logo without any of these afore-listed structures is simply an indication that you are not ready for business no matter how much you have spent on your logo.

Consistent and cohesive content marketing structure

Here is another way people waste their money on logo design.

A lot of people fail to put this place. They ask for a logo but fail to ask for a brand guide book and get some technical know-how on how to use the logo and where. They don’t go further to create a uniform and coherent brand identity across their platforms with the logo. A logo is useless if there is no guide on how to use it, when and where to use it. And you also need to understand that consistency with your brand collaterals (flyers, banners, emails, website, landing pages, brochure, souvenirs, etc) is what brings about recognition and builds reputation. It is not just by having a logo alone. As a matter of fact, your logo and all the elements used in designing it are supposed to actually be a guide for all of these collaterals. The colours, fonts and icons are for a guide on all your communication channels and you must be consistent with how you use them.

Now, I believe I have helped you to understand how to avoid wasting money on logo design. So what else?

Do you already have a logo and none of these structures are in place for your business? It will be better you bring in the expertise of a brand strategist. I am very sure that by the time you’re through, you might as well feel like trashing that logo of yours. But are you reading this and you’re just about to get a logo? You’re in the best hands. We don’t just design for you, we consult for you alongside. Check out our studio. You can also check out our Instagram Page.

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