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Handling Multiple Talent Dilemma

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Handling Multiple Talent Dilemma


Most of the time, one painful irony of life is that the people who really have the potential to become great at something seldom make it happen. Why? Issues with Handling Multiple Talent Dilemma. A lot of talented people end up having wasted useful years due to divided attention that sometimes comes with multi-potentiality and that is just a powerful symptom of lack of clarity.

First of all, I’d like to clarify what talent really means in all of its reality. Talents are channels through which your gifts find expression and through which your purpose is executed. They are mostly artistic and they are responsible for the spice, uniqueness, dexterity and unusual professionalism people display in a particular venture. However, being talented in something doesn’t mean you’re the best at it. Talent simply means you’ve got the acclimation or what I call, the undue advantage or the most natural tendencies to become really great at that thing. There is still the place of learning.

How to decipher your talent in an endeavour

One special advantage most talented people have is that they don’t even have to really go into any institution or have someone to teach them before they start to do mind-blowing things in certain areas they’re talented in. A series of short videos, online pdf documents, audio session, etc., are all enough to give them all they need to get started. I’m a very good classical example of this.

But why is it that most talented people still wallow in obscurity? Why is it that a lot of them fail to get tangible results

One major reason is that inability to focus. Well, this is just a branch, but the major root is lack of a defined purpose. There is nobody really without a purpose, but not everyone can define his/hers. Now, back to our discussion, it’s very easy for those who just know how to do one thing and have passion for one thing to excel. The reason is simply because, all their energy, their time and their resources are channeled to a particular thing and within a shorter time, the returns on investment start to flow.

In a nutshell, it is far easier for someone who just has one talent or one unique ability to gain clarity and excel in life than for someone with divers or numerous abilities. However, it’s never impossible for the second group. I fall under the second group as well and I’ve been able to bring the lines together. I do quite well in a number of areas, but there is one thing I’ve channeled all of the abilities into. Yes, it was a lonely journey of finding out how the lines really join, but it was worth it and that is why I can boast of being able to help anyone in such category as well.


On a final note, whether it is just one or many that you’ve got, one thing that gets the job done and makes the impact happen is never talent, but persistence & courage which all sum up to give determination. Talent knows how, but it is only determination that get it done. Talent boasts, but it is only determination that performs. On your trip to greatness, make clarity your driver, persistence & courage, your seat mates, but let talent be in the boots. Whenever it is needed, you can always bring it out to use. If you fail to rule your talent and master it well, it will rule you out of greatness. And how do you rule it? Sense of purpose & determination!

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