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Building A Powerful Personal/Career Brand With Your CV

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Building A Powerful Personal/Career Brand With Your CV


As you can see, branding is not only for those running a business or for those building their fame as public figures. Branding is for anyone who wants to rise to a position of relevance and influence in any area of chosen endeavour. Now, talking about achieving this in a corporate environment, Building A Powerful Personal/Career Brand With Your CV is something that is inevitable. Whether you’re an aspiring employee, self-employed individual or even a clergy man, you need the right branding if you must gain and maintain relevance.

As a student in college, a fresh graduate or an intern, it is very essential that you take your brand seriously. These days, it’s beyond just having good grammar on your CV. There are lots of things you need to understand about having a winning CV for yourself. Let me highlight and explain each for you.

Your name and contact details.

Every good CV begins with the name and personal details like telephone number, email address, residential address, social media username especially for Facebook, LinkedIn & probably Twitter. I don’t think this should be new to you. Even a student in college would know that. Well, should you not know, these days, recruiters are very much interested in your social media presence and your online image. They want to know the kind of person you are online. This is why if your online activity (and impression) for so long has been unprofessional, childish or negative, you need a social media audit and re-branding.

Personal statement/Career objective.

This is one very major aspect of your CV and should show your recruiter your keen interest in that career field, what you have set to achieve with the position you’re applying for if granted to you and why you believe you’re qualified to be on that sit, with previous relevant qualifications or experiences that make you feel so qualified. As a matter of fact, this area should be at the very top and should be positioned in such a way that it catches the attention of the recruiter with much clarity and conciseness.

If you fail to have this session well written, you are simply telling your recruiter that all you’re looking for is just something to do for a month-end pay and you’re not really interested in the career field or passionate about making any difference whatsoever in it.

Past experiences that are very industry-specific & relevant.

It’s very common for people to load their CV’s with so many experiences all in a bid to impress the recruiter, but that’s really bad and very counter-productive. When it comes to writing down your experiences, you need to be very concise. Your CV is not your life history. What they need are those experiences that are very relevant to the job you’re applying for. Those places you’ve worked in, community services or volunteering in the past that have helped you build specific skills that are relevant to the job role. This is why you must research the job very well to know what skill-sets are required.

Your CV is you trying to sell yourself and show to your recruiter that with all you have done, achieved and experienced in the past, they would be losing out if they don’t employ you for that job role because, you are the best for it. For instance, you being an alto singer in your former choir is irrelevant when applying for a supervisory role in a food processing company. The question is, will you be singing alto for them there? I doubt. So, when it comes to experiences, it must be the ones that have made you specifically equipped to meet those needs that have been tied to the job position you are seeking employment in.

Also, when indicating your experiences, it is very vital that you state in clear terms, the specific tasks you carried out in every of the experiences and the specific problems you solved in bullet points. Don’t just indicate job titles. You need to make it clear what you achieved under the job titles.


Your educational background.

This is very vital. What are those training and certifications you have gotten in the past that qualify you as the most needed person for that role? You need to state them in a reverse-chronological pattern i.e. from the latest to the oldest. You need to do this, indicating the year each happened (or that the certification was gotten). If you have other professional certifications that would boost your chances too, please, don’t fail to add them, but that could be under a different section such as, Other Certifications.

Soft skills and strengths.

Every job position always requires that a candidate is well wired with certain soft skills and innate abilities (strengths). For instance, as someone who would serve as a sales representative of a company, you must be very out-going, friendly, extroverted and of course, with good communicating and persuasive skills. If you’re applying for a job role you’re not wired for, then, you’re very unjust. It’s better you give chance to those who are wired for it. And if you’re well wired for the job role, this is the place to show them that you’re born for that position.

However, you should also be able to state how you have used any of the relevant soft skills to achieve a mission before. For instance, if I say I have a good communicating skill, have a won a debate with it before? Have a led a campaign or made a powerful speech with it before? Indicate it in a brief manner.

Hobbies and referees.

This is important, but absolute sincerity is much more important. Don’t put hobbies that are as far from the truth is East is from the West. Be very sincere! And don’t also put referees who don’t even know you or that you don’t keep close rapport with. Imagine a number being called to find out if someone is worthy of being employed for a particular position and the recipient of the phone call says, “I can’t remember that name you just mentioned” or the person says, “It’s been a long time and I can’t really tell much about the person.” Imagine what could become of that employment opportunity.

Important conclusion!

Does this post look like your CV would take up to 3 pages? Calm down! It should not be more than 2 at most and that is very possible. Any CV that must win the approval of any recruiter must not be more than 2 pages and as a matter of fact, the CV does not have up to 15 seconds to attract the attention and catch the interest of the recruiter. Guess what? This is very much possible! But the truth is, doing it yourself may make it very impossible. This is why you need a Personal Brand Coach and Designer and why I am also here for you.

Do you need a professional touch on your CV? Do you need a CV that stands you out of the crowd and speaks for you when you’re not there? I will work with you all through the content and also make the layout and design. You can hire me! Are you interested? Let’s have a chat on Whatsapp!

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