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5 Winning Startup Strategies For 2019

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

5 Winning Startup Strategies For 2019


As someone launching into a business this year, there are some 5 Winning Startup Strategies For 2019 which you must not miss out in your plans. These strategies are so powerful and would determine if you will thrive or not. It has been often said that more than half of new businesses fail in the very first year. Is that not scary? This is why you should take these strategies seriously. Let’s go into them without wasting time.

Leverage on performance gaps – the blue-ocean strategy.

“You cannot penetrate a place where there has never been a gap.” What is blue-ocean strategy? It simply means carving out a new market within an existing market, that is, getting very close to consumers in your chosen industry and looking deeply for performance gaps that those consumers are still complaining about. We can also call it your ability to locate pain points that have not been addressed and making that your sole priority. Whatever business you’re doing this year, always locate the gaps in the consumer satisfaction and make that your value proposition. There is a book I have put together to help you in building a formidable and unique brand message that will help you compete effectively with giants in your industry. You want it? Click here.

Thought leadership and movements.

In whatever business you want to launch this year, don’t just make yourself a service provider. Rather, make yourself an opinion leader. Locate issues around the business and consistently share valuable thoughts, answer questions and clear doubts in order to put yourself up as an expert in that field. With content marketing and storytelling, you can influence a tribe of people who share similar values with you and who will be ready to carry your brand to anywhere they go. They become your loyal fans who will be happy to share the good-news of what you do to their loved ones.

Stick very close with your tribe of customers and loyalists.

You know where they often gather – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Go there and keep nurturing them. You see, if you must keep your customers and loyalists, you don’t only engage them when you want them to buy. You keep them engaged even when there is nothing to sell or when they don’t even have anything to buy. That is the way to keep your back-door closed so that you don’t have a decline in customer base. Clients want to know that you care about what they also care about. Share thoughts with them. Share trends with them. Make your contents timely, resonating and interesting. This is what will keep you in their hearts anytime there is a need for the service/product you offer. As a matter of fact, marketing is no longer “come and buy,” but “always remember me and like me above every other competition.”

Be dynamic and keep evolving.

In the business world, no one pampers staleness. You have to be dynamic. People’s needs are evolving and whoever wants to remain relevant in the market must evolve alongside. Perhaps, a little addition to your service, a little tweak in the design of your front-office, a little adjustment in the price, a little change in the package of your product, a little here and a little there. You must always be thinking ahead. That’s entrepreneurship. There is always something more to add. And the interesting thing is, if you keep a system of always listening to the feelings of your customers, they will be the one to tell you what to change to serve them better.

Strategic partnerships and collaborations.

You need to understand that your brand is all about who knows you and trusts you enough to open their pockets to you and tell the good news about you. When people get skeptical about your brand, all they are saying is, “let someone else blow your trumpet for you and we’ll believe in what you’re saying.” Look for people to collaborate with, who have got some influence and can help project your brand to a larger audience. This could be done online or offline. Always look out for people who are doing similar stuff to what you do. It’s just like a bread seller hawking alongside a bean-cake (akara) seller. They both stand the chance of benefiting mutually from their individual customers by leveraging on the trust each person has built.

These 5 Winning Startup Strategies For 2019 will take you a long way into sustained relevance and profitability. Do you need help on how to implement any of them in a way that runs seamlessly with your business processes and with less or no added stress at all? Then, you’re just at the right place! CLICK HERE and let us have a chat.

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